Daly collapses at golf tournament

We’ve followed the highs and lows of two-time major winner John Daly’s golf game over the years.

Now we’re following his progress in and out of hospital after ‘Long John’, one of the iconic players in world golf, was rushed to hospital after he collapsed nearing the end of a round of golf last weekend.

John Daly John Daly (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

“I was having a great time and then suddenly – boom – I’m falling down while on the 18th tee and the next thing I know I’m in an ambulance,” Daly said to the Associated Press. “It was scary.”

Daly, 49, was competing in a small local event in Jackson, Missouri when he suddenly began to have difficulty breathing and collapsed.

It was later confirmed that Daly was suffering from a collapsed lung but the big fellow was back out on the course the very next day.

That’s John Daly to a tee, though – never wanting to let anyone down – not even a tournament organiser.

While doctors apparently had to check his ribs and fingers for any possible injuries, the Deerfield club professional Leigh Brannan, who was at the tournament, said Daly was struggling pretty badly right before he collapsed.

“We’re all hoping it’s nothing serious and that he was just a little dehydrated,” he said.

“He was even saying he still wanted to play [the following day].”

While Daly’s gambling and drinking has often pushed his extraordinary golfing talents into the background, he is still a popular figure the world over.

He missed the cut at the last major of the year, the US PGA at Whistling Straits, but still managed to steal some of the headlines when he hurled his six-iron into the water in supposed frustration at his golf game after he hit three balls into the lake.