Daly swaps sticks for steaks with new restaurant

If there’s one thing John Daly was known for other than a spectacularly long golf swing, it was an ability to indulge…both on and off the course.

His free spirit and, at times, perverse approach to the game made him a cult figure for much of the 1990s…and he’d be the first to admit it also contributed to his downfall.

John Daly John Daly’s Steakhouse (Credit: JDS)

Which is why it is so fitting that after all these years the two-time major winner’s guilty pleasures has manifested into something positive.

His very own steakhouse!

The 51-year-old announced earlier this week that his first restaurant titled The John Daly Steakhouse officially opened in Arkansas, only 50 miles from his Dardanelle residence.

What’s more, it even has a Chandelier made entirely of golf clubs!

“Excited! Big day for us in Conway, Arkansas! The #JohnDalySteakhouse officially opens to the public tomorrow at 11am! #lunch #dinner #brunch,” Daly tweeted.

There is yet to be a follow-up post from Daly him since the restaurant’s grand opening on Wednesday.

But judging by the overwhelmingly positive responses (4.7 out of 5 rating from 73 Facebook reviews), the popular American may have found his new calling!

And don’t be surprised if he picks up his guitar and strums a few bars for patrons now and then either.