Day shows off dream backyard in new YouTube series

Yes, the Queenslander has been struggling with his game, dropping out of the World top-100 for the first time in a decade. But one look inside Jason Day’s backyard setup will show that things are not all that bad for the major champ.

Day is the first guest on a new YouTube series from PGA Memes founder, Travis Miller called Home Course.

“I wanted to create some more content with the players and find more ways I can humanise them and help them build their personal brands and whatnot,” Miller told’s Subpar podcast.

“A lot of them are just awesome guys with really great families and awesome lives, and this was just an opportunity to create some cool content in the golf space and allow them to show the stuff they’ve earned from their careers.”

Jason Day’s stunning backyard practice facilities Day’s stunning backyard practice facilities (Credit: Home Course)

And if there’s a perfect place to start it would be with Jason Day’s setup in the northern suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, which includes a robotic green that can be changed at the flick of a switch, along with a 150 metre par-3 and three bunkers, each filled with specific sands to mimic different course conditions.

It’s an incredible spread so sit back and enjoy the video for 25 minutes of man-cave envy.