Feherty has doubts about Tiger’s future

Tiger Woods suggests if he knew when he would be back playing golf he’d be happy to tell the world.

The trouble is, he doesn’t know when that will be.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: Anthony Powter)

And leading golf analyst David Feherty last week admitted he wasn’t sure Tiger would even be back at all.

And his reasoning for that concern made good sense.

“I am not sure that Tiger will come back because it is a nerve in his back,” Feherty told a Golf For Life conference in Dublin while a guest speaker at his home country.

“It [Tiger’s injury] is not muscular or skeletal. It’s not something you can deal with in a physical way.”

“He is in phenomenal shape – just ripped as usual. But Tiger is not able to make a full pass at it.”

“I saw him a few weeks ago in Houston and he hadn’t played in five months and he hit some good shots and some awful skanky looking things.”

“I think he has a feeling that if he doesn’t make it back this time, he might be done from a physical standpoint.”

“But he is too stubborn and too good and too physically gifted to be able to just give it up.”

“He loves it too much.”

Woods was quizzed at an event at Congressional Country Club in the US a couple of weeks ago and the 40-year-old certainly gave fuel to Feherty’s comments.

“I have been practicing at home, and I’m progressing nicely,” he said.

“I’m hoping to play. That’s the over-riding question I keep hearing: ‘When are you coming back, when are you playing?’”

“I get it all the time. And if I knew, I’d tell, you, because it’d be fun to know.”

Woods has not played any competitive golf since August last year when he played at the Wyndham Championship.