Fowler says Tiger is ‘crushing it’

World No 7 Rickie Fowler put it quite bluntly: Tiger Woods is ‘crushing it’.

It’s just the news the golf world would have been hoping to hear as Woods prepares for his next comeback following back surgery which has had him on the sidelines for months on end.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit:

Fowler claims Woods is hitting it ‘way by him’ as the former world No 1 gears up to play in the Hero World Challenge early next month in the Bahamas.

This is Tiger’s own – invitation only – event after all, so you can be sure he’ll be doing everything in his extraordinary powers to be competitive when he makes this latest return to competitive golf.

It was only a passing comment – but certainly enough to give the golfing world some hope that the biggest attraction in the game was ready to add his own flair to the game many would suggest has been “lacking” since Tiger’s downhill slide with injuries began.

Fowler was at a Cobra golf launch and was asked if the rumours were true that Tiger had been hitting it by him in practice at The Medalist golf course where they play.

Fowler was quite succinct: “Yeah, way by,” he said.

Sounds like its ‘game on’ then.

While it would be foolish to heap even more pressure in Woods’ latest return to competition to suggest he was “back”, it’s clear that he’s doing something right in his bid to get back to his old self…and that has to be good for the game.

And while he is only five foot nine (175 cms) and 150 pounds (68 kilos), Fowler may well be one of the smaller players on the PGA Tour, but there’s no doubt he can still get it out there off the tee.

Sure, he’s not one of the ‘bombers’ but he is still not that far from the longer hitters on Tour, averaging 300.1 yards (274m) last year.

So if Tiger’s hitting it past him, well we’re entitled to take some notice.