Golf Australia names 2013 Rookie Pro Squad

It has been compared to being hit on the head with a sledge hammer.

And while jumping from the amateur golf ranks to “going solo” on the professional tours can be a heck of wake-up call for any aspiring young golfer, Golf Australia are doing everything they can to make the transition a successful one for some of our most talented young players.

Jake Higginbottom Jake Higginbottom (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Golf Australia has named a Rookie Professional Squad for 2013 with 12 players singled out for special treatment in their rookie years.

The squad chosen is Rebecca Artis, Julia Boland, Nick Cullen, Breanna Elliott, Jake Higginbottom, Whitney Hillier, Stacey Keating, Bryden Macpherson, Kieran Pratt, Jason Scrivener, Matt Stieger and Alison Whitaker.

So as these young guns enter the most exciting and challenging stage of their professional careers, battling to find and establish themselves on an international tour and come to terms with the demands of travelling to different parts of the world, they will get some assistance as they try to compete against the game’s elite professionals.

Each of these successful applicants receives a rookie scholarship that is offered for a period of one year with a review after six months.

The first aspect of the program includes training and preparation funding to access coaching, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, sports psychology, physiotherapy and advice from nutritionists.

The second aspect includes competition and travel funding assistance to cover a range of player expenses including airfares, accommodation, entry fees and even the cost of a caddy.