HBO’s Tiger Woods doco debuts on Foxtel

It’s been a long wait but the much-anticipated two-part Tiger Woods documentary has gone to air across the weekend in the US and now Foxtel has made it available in Australia.

The unauthorised documentary known simply as “Tiger” is based on the, at times, salacious 2018 book “Tiger Woods” that chronicles the life and times of the former World No.1 both on and off the course.

“Tiger highlights never-before-seen-footage and interviews with those who know Tiger Woods best, including his former caddy and close friend, Steve Williams; golf legend Sir Nick Faldo; his father Earl Woods’ friend and biographer, Pete McDaniel; Tiger’s first true love, Dina Parr; and Rachel Uchitel, the woman at the centre of the sex scandal that forever altered Tiger’s world, breaking her silence for the first time,” said HBO about the 3-hour long series.

Following its official debut on HBO, the program predictably drew mixed reviews from critics including Woods’ long-time manager, Mark Steinberg.

“Just like the book it is based off of, the HBO documentary is just another unauthorised and salacious outsider attempt to paint an incomplete portrait of one of the greatest athletes of all-time,” said Steinberg.

One of Woods’ family friends, Joe Grohman, who features in the documentary put it quite simply: “He’s not going to like this s**t at all.”

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods celebrates major No.15 at the 2019 Masters (Credit: PGA Tour)

The Guardian’s Andrew Lawrence sums up the overall feeling that Woods never really wanted to be ‘Tiger Woods’ and how much of what transpired was due to the dreams of his father, Earl Woods, rather than Woods himself.

“…the lofty expectations started with his late father, Earl – who famously told Sports Illustrated’s Gary Smith that his son was ‘The Chosen One’.”

“At the very least, Tiger should leave you feeling sympathetic for the man – who, despite his incredible athletic gifts and huge fame, never looked like he chose to be The Chosen One,” wrote Lawrence.

’Tiger’ is available to watch now on Foxtel Showcase.