Lead analyst Norman axed by Fox Sports

US golf fans are forever discussing Greg Norman’s perceived ‘failures’ in major championships.

Now it seems The Great White Shark has given Americans another reason to lambast him.

Greg Norman Greg Norman (Credit: www.golfbytourmiss.com)

Norman has been “axed” as lead analyst from the golf commentary team by the Fox Network in the US.

And it was his work during another major, last year’s US Open at Chambers Bay, that appears to have cost him dearly.

What might sting Norman even more is the mere mention of a rumour that former US PGA champion Paul Azinger, who beat Norman to win that solitary major championship, has been mentioned as a possible replacement.

FOX Sports released a statement announcing the change, but suggested ‘no replacement had yet named’.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to make this change to our USGA Championships coverage,” Fox Sports president of production and executive producer John Entz said.

“We want to thank Greg for his contributions last year, and wish him success in all his current and future endeavours.”

Norman told a US magazine that he was disappointed to be going but hoping for another [commentary] opportunity elsewhere.

“All I can say is this: going from what I was told by many at FOX and the USGA, knowing all that I put into the process, and considering it was my first run at it, I thought I did a good job. Not great, but good,” said The Shark.

“Like trying to be the best you can be in golf, the more practice you have, the better you get.”

“I only had one US Open Championship [in commentary].”

“I would have liked another opportunity, as it was so new to all of us last year.”

“The learning curve was one that I truly enjoyed and I do believe I have a wealth of golfing experience on and off the course, design philosophy and agronomy knowledge, that someday I could express to the world.

“So I will certainly keep my options open.”