Legendary one-iron given the sack by Nicklaus

Everyone has a favourite club in their bag. It’s not usually a one-iron either.

Yet one of the most famous shots in the history of golf was Jack Nicklaus’ amazing one-iron which hit the pin on the 17th green as he went on to seal victory in the US Open at Pebble Beach in 1972.

Jack Nicklaus Jack Nicklaus

Now the one-iron can’t even get a ‘look-in’ when The Golden Bear stacks his golf bag.

Nicklaus doesn’t carry the famous club these days and as he edges into his own ‘Golden’ years he admits there are a lot more woods in his bag then he carried in his prime.

When he was a prolific winner on the PGA Tour, Nicklaus says he normally carried a driver, three-wood and one-iron through to nine-iron as well as a pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter.

Not these days, though.

“Now I’m carrying a driver, a three-wood, a four-wood and a five-wood,” he said.

“I’m not a big hybrid guy, although I am playing with one right now and I took out the two-iron.

“That’s pretty much where I am. I usually carry a three-iron through nine-iron, pitching wedge and sand wedge.”

Nicklaus did admit he had “benched” the one-iron before.

“But it depends on the golf course,” he said.

“And it depends on the shots that I think I’m going to play into the green.

“I used to even go to Augusta when I carried a one-iron a lot, and sometimes I’d always put in maybe a four or five-wood, simply because you needed some elevations to stop it on the greens and some of the lies you played.”

“I always had a variance, depending on where I was playing.”