Lexus delivers Lydia Ko an amazing first car

Buying that first car is something you remember forever – even if it is a bomb and takes every cent of your bank account.

Unless of course, you’re Lydia Ko.

Lydia Ko Lydia Ko shows off her amazing first car courtesy of Lexus (Credit: Instagram)

The New Zealand whiz kid has been the envy of golfers worldwide since she was a young teenager with stunning shotmaking talents and an intense will-to-win.

Now it’s motorists that Ko will have green with envy after being presented with her first set of wheels last week.

And no, it wasn’t exactly an old claptrap with 400,000kms on the clock either.

No, Ko’s stunning form on the golf course and great form for her sponsors has resulted in her being sent a new Lexus RC F Sports Couple to cruise around town in.

And no-one was more excited about it than the 18-year-old Korean-born hotshot who is now ranked the No. 1 player in women’s golf in the world.

Ko took to Instagram to boast about her latest acquisition.

Valued at US$63,000 and boasting 467 horsepower, she’ll be driving it further than her tee-shots.

And as one well-known Scottish-based golfing scribe from this very publication pointed out: “P-Platers are the best drivers on the road: They must be, because they drive the fastest.”