Luke Elvy: Adam Scott, Who’s Your Caddy?

Since Adam Scott’s return to competitive golf, the conversations about who will be his next full-time caddie have been getting louder and louder. Not surprisingly either as it’s one of the best jobs in the world, but the world no.2 is in no rush to pick his next bagman.

Who wouldn’t want to work for the affable Aussie, it’s a maximum 25 weeks a year, paying around $500,000USD? You’d be walking inside the ropes at the biggest events in the game, for a guy in his competitive prime – doesn’t get any better than that!

Adam Scott and Steve Williams Adam Scott and Steve Williams (Credit:

Sadly, you’re no chance. No really, I know you’ve entertained the thought, but you’re not…so have I. What Scott needs is a Steve Williams clone, unfortunately, that doesn’t exist.

“The way I see it, you cannot replace a Steve Williams. You cannot go out and find the next Steve Williams. I don’t think that’s possible,” Scott admitted ahead of the HSBC Champions in China. He was a rock during their three-year stint.

What Stevie brought was a level of professionalism and positivity that Scott had never experienced before. He called it “competitive aggression”, it helped turn Adam into the player he is today.

Williams wants to win at everything he does, that’s why he races cars in New Zealand. As a caddie he was first off the tee, first to the ball, to get yardages, to the green and so on. When Scott had an early morning tee-time, he made him get up at 4am to begin preparations so he’d hit the ground running.

His strong personality rubbed off on laid-back Aussie who developed a more battle-hardened edge. He also had the confidence to call the correct line to Scott when it mattered most, the 2013 Masters playoff. It has been said Williams is the only bagman to never choke.

No caddie is in the Hall of Fame, but Williams should be, he’s the best there’s ever been. Its hard to argue with 15 majors. But someone out there will replace him – so who will it be?

I can tell you who it won’t be… the wounded war veteran who’s been campaigning on Twitter, a guy from Florida who spends his days caring for his mum and the rest of us saying “pick me, pick me!”

Scott’s had over 100 applications for the job, but I reckon it’s closer to 1,000… and millions more want it without knowing how to get it.

With only has a handful of events on his schedule before his season gets serious the Honda Classic at the end of February, Scott is using that time to trial some potential candidates. As he said, he’s not in any rush.

Regular PGA Tour caddies David Clark and Eddie Gardino looped in China and Japan, while Geoff Ogilvy’s former caddie Alistair “Squirrell” Matheson and present guy Mathew “Bussy” Tritton are also hot candidates.

While it’s not confirmed who has the job in Australia, I wouldn’t be surprised if his coach and brother-in-law Brad Malone is on the bag. Come to think of it, Malone would be the perfect fit. He knows Scott’s game better than anyone, doesn’t seek the limelight and is already part of Adam’s inner sanctum.

Col Swatton championed the caddie/coach role with Jason Day, so why not Brad Malone? You know it makes sense, just remember, you heard it here first.