Lyle calls time on successful PGA Tour career

One step forward and two steps backwards just doesn’t ‘cut’ it in the cut-throat world of professional golf in the US these days.

Just ask popular Victorian pro Jarrod Lyle, who after beating leukaemia not once, but twice, has found that getting back his US PGA Tour card became a mountain that was becoming just too steep to climb.

Jarrod Lyle Jarrod Lyle (Credit: Getty Images)

Even with his medical exemption Lyle just didn’t get enough continuity on the Tour so that he could find his best form and make enough money to retain his card.

So Lyle decided to shelve those US Tour hopes, for the time being, and head back to Australia to be with his family and friends.

Lyle explained that he had no choice after missing a brace of cuts and found he was asking himself whether he should run the gauntlet again and try to go through Qualifying School to at least get some status next year.

“Do I leave my family once again to try and resurrect my career in the US – or do I stay at home and play Australian events,” he asked.

“I have always enjoyed being back home and playing in front of the Aussie crowds, plus it means more time with my girls and the chance to be a hands-on dad.

“It was a really tough choice, with good arguments leading me both ways.”

In the end Lyle admitted the biggest factor in deciding to stay at home was his girls.

“They wouldn’t be traveling with me at all next year due to kindergarten and I don’t want to miss out on all these little things,” he said.

“They have given up a lot by following me around the world to help me resurrect my dreams, I think now it’s my turn to give a little back to them and let them follow their dreams.”

Lyle said he was now looking forward to the Australian summer of golf and he was planning to play as much as he could between now and Christmas.

Events on his calendar include the Fiji International, NSW Open and QLD Open.

“I’m going to do my best to get into the fields for the Australian Open and PGA Championship, but there are some big names coming out this year and starts will be tough to find,” he said.

“Hopefully I can get lucky on the qualifying days for those events!

“I still want to be within the golfing scene and just need to find the right fit for me.”