McDowell speaks out about Rory switch

One of golf’s worst-kept secrets, that Rory McIlroy would be using Nike golf equipment in 2013, will not affect the Northern Irishman’s form, or his talent.

At least that’s the opinion of McIlroy’s close mate Graham McDowell, who disagreed with Sir Nick Faldo’s recent suggestion that an equipment switch might adversely affect McIlroy’s form.

Rory McIlroy Rory McIlroy (Credit: Anthony Powter)

McDowell himself raised plenty of eyebrows when as the reigning 2010 US Open champion he switched from Callaway to Cleveland/Srixon.

Yet it was a successful transition for McDowell and he suggests McIlroy’s talent will not be affected either in switching from Titleist to Nike.

“Sir Nick [Faldo] grew up in an era when there was a huge diversity in the best [equipment],” he said.

“Now we are talking about equipment companies that spend millions and millions on R&D.”

“The knowledge is also shared a lot more because one R & D guys starts working at Srixon and then may switch to Nike and then another guy might go to Titleist and another to Callaway and it is amazing how much the knowledge is shared these days”

“As long as a guy gets a good driver and ball combination and a guy like Rory, who is extremely talented and potentially one of the most talented players we’ve ever seen, then he should be okay.”

And McDowell remarked that a suggested equipment switch by McIlroy was not simply about the increased wealth a new $20m-a-year deal might bring.

“When I switched there were plenty of comments but it just doesn’t boil down to purely financial reasons,” McDowell said.

“What you do on the golf course is more important than how much money you are making off the golf course.”

“Eventually the money will dry up and you have to keep producing the goods on the golf course.”

“Rory McIlroy is now 23 years of age, so he’s got 20 years left of trying to win Major Championships.”

“And he is not going to do that with inferior technology.”