McIlroy grilled by pint-sized European Tour journo

Rory McIlroy met his match when he allowed the European Tour to line up an exclusive interview with a primary school youngster named Billy.

Fresh from interviewing Graeme McDowell and Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston, the youngster hits Rory with a few posers too.

He showed McIlroy some photos of his old hairdo and asked the Northern Irishman ‘what were you thinking’?

A smiling Rory admitted he Dad had asked him to get it cut but it was a faze he was going through.

Billy asked the four-time major champion why he was frightened of mosquitoes, obviously referring to his withdrawal from the recent Olympic Games and McIlroy admitted he might have pulled the wrong rein but he had jumped on the bandwagon when a few others used that reason to pull out.

Even Rory couldn’t suppress his laughter when young Billy asked him if the world would end if he never won a great jacket.

“Don’t worry I’ll buy you one if you don’t win one,” said the baby-faced lad.

The two of them then raced into a swimming pool with a couple of bombs and massive smiles on their dials.

All in all, it looked a fun interview with Roy also advising Billy what he could ask Tiger Woods if he got to talk to the former world No 1.