McIlroy lends his name to new GolfPass service

If four-time major champion Rory McIlroy is prepared to lend his name to it, well, it must be good.

We might not find out until it launches in Australia – but GolfPass does have some golfers in the US talking it up and has been hailed as the ultimate golf membership.

Rory McIlroy Rory McIlroy (Credit: PGA Tour)

McIlroy is a founding partner of GolfPass, which offers things like on-demand instruction from coaches and legends of the game, travel credits, a dozen TaylorMade golf balls and exclusive member pricing on equipment.

“I think this unique to the game of golf – not many other sports could make this happen,” said McIlroy.

“It’s the ultimate membership for the avid golfer.”

“It will make life a bit easier be it through taking an online lesson, playing a round of golf, buying equipment or even travelling to play golf.”

“GolfPass consolidates all those things. I think it’s a great partnership.”

“Arnold Palmer showed tremendous vision when founding the Golf Channel in 1995 and I’m thrilled with the prospect of helping to lead the game further into the digital era with GolfPass and additional NBC Sports partnerships that help make golf more accessible and fun.”

“I think this is the Golf Channel going into the 21st century.”

“It’s so different from 25 years ago but now provides exclusive content as well as other insights and assets.”

“I’ve got a lot out of golf and this is my way of trying to give something back to the game to players who enjoy the game as much as I do.”