McIlroy’s bizarre coleslaw-filled bunker stunt

It has to be one of the most bizarre episodes in golf – double Major winning Rory McIlroy hitting out of a coleslaw filled bunker.

McIlroy found himself agreeing to the stunt for ESPN’s ‘Sports Science’.

The bunker in question was filled with 900 pounds of coleslaw, which was more than six inches deep.

However the stunt began with the Northern Irishman asked to hit a golf ball during the darkness of the night at 8.47pm across a roadway and through a 10-foot wide by 10-foot high doorway from 70 yards away.

McIlroy found the gap at his first attempt and with his Nike ball also finding the coleslaw filled bunker, and there’s the sight in the ESPN video below of the Northern Irishman actually bending down to sample the coleslaw.

For the second part of the ESPN experiment McIlroy had to hit his ball from the coleslaw bunker that left the 25-year old partly splattered the stuff he usually finds on a hamburger.

And for the final challenge, the recent BMW PGA Championship winner was asked to hit a 50-foot putt on glass.

This flat glass surface we’re told is nearly 3.5 times faster than what McIlroy will find in this week’s U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2.

McIlroy managed to drain the long putt at his second attempt.

Of course, we first saw a very young McIlroy on TV hitting golf balls into a front-loading washing machine but we can’t think of a more bizarre stunt involving one of the world’s top-ranked golfers.