Muirfield member hits back at “two-faced” McIlory

Muirfield Golf Club has made it clear they don’t like being told what to do…especially by the media.

Even if it costs them the opportunity to host a British Open Championship in the immediate future.

Rory McIlroy Rory McIlroy (Credit:

The male-only club doesn’t appreciate some of the world’s best golfers telling them how to behave either.

When the private club voted to uphold its ban on admitting women as members, it obviously expected some criticism and some leading golf professionals, including former word No 1 Rory McIlroy, were among those who howled when the vote among 750 members fell 14 short of the two-thirds majority required to change the rules.

One veteran member, 81-year-old former Scottish rugby player John Douglas, hit back at the criticism levelled at them since the vote.

“It wasn’t so much a vote against the ladies as a vote against the media and the press telling us what to do. No-one likes being hammered all the time,” Douglas told a Scottish newspaper.

“We knew what was going to happen with the R&A and The Open.”

“But we feel that we had to prove a point with a strong bunch behind the vote.”

“We were quite pleased to win the final vote, but it is sad in a way as some of the ladies who work in the offices and elsewhere in the clubhouse received horrible phone calls.”

“I feel sorry for the committee and (the fallout from the vote) will all have to come to a halt sometime to allow the committee to relax a bit.”

Douglas gave the pros who criticised the club a serve as well:

“It is ridiculous,” he said.

“You have Augusta with two women members and how can people like Rory McIlroy challenge us yet he goes and plays there.”

“Is he telling everyone he is happy with two women being admitted there after all these years and it is now a mixed club?…come on.”

“These players are two-faced. Who are they kidding? It is a total farce.”