No.1 Ryu says Aussies are secret behind her success

Want one word to describe South Korean’s So Yeon Ryu’s ascent to become the world’s No 1 player…Australia? Yes, that’s right. Or more specifically – a team of Australians.

Ryu is now playing shots she couldn’t dream of playing a couple of years ago.

So Yeon Ryu So Yeon Ryu (Credit: LET)

And she is happy to put a lot of that down to a team of Australians who have helped take her game to the next level…and to the top of the Rolex World Golf rankings.

At the head of the list is the perfectly-named Tom Watson, who helps steer Ryu around the course and keep her game intact for every competitive round she plays.

Then there’s also former European Tour player Mike Clayton, former British Open champion Ian Baker-Finch and her swing coach, Cameron McCormick, probably better known as the man who works with current Open champion Jordan Spieth.

All have contributed in some way to Ryu’s stunning form, that has seen a player who continued to hang around at number four or five in the world make the jump to the top of the tree.

We now know that Ryu and Watson interviewed several coaches before deciding it was McCormick that could make a difference to her swing.

“I was in contention a lot of weeks but not winning very often,” explained Ryu.

“So my motivation to get better was driven by my desire to win more tournaments.”

“If I did that, I knew that things like getting to No. 1 would take care of themselves.”

Ryu says one of the biggest assets to her game now is the ability to self-diagnose any swing issues while she’s on the course.

“Cameron has helped my enormously with my swing,” she said.

“I now have a much better understanding of what I am trying to do, to the point where I can often fix my swing in the middle of a round.”

“Not always, of course. But even when I can’t, I now know what I am doing wrong.”

“And that is the always the first step to fixing something.”