O’Malley turns 50 and heads for Euro Seniors Tour

Turning 50 is a milestone that golfers look forward to more than most sportsmen and women.

It opens up a world of new possibilities and his love of the game ensures Peter O’Malley is ready to take advantage of them.

Peter O'Malley Peter O’Malley (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

‘Pom’ turned 50 last week and is already a planning a return to Europe to catch up with a lot of old friends – and hopefully spank their backsides on the European Seniors Tour.

O’Malley has watched his good mate Peter Fowler win back-to-back senior tour events in Europe this season and is now craving a chance to be part of the action.

While he hasn’t competed full-time in Europe for several years, O’Malley has kept his game in shape and has continued to be a consistent performer on the Australasian circuit with some impressive efforts.

“All those tournaments I have been playing in Australia the last few years have definitely kept my game in shape,” said O’Malley.

“The Seniors Tour is probably a little more social than the main Tour but everyone still plays a pretty good standard.”

“I don’t expect to go over there, walk straight in and win.”

But one thing the Bathurst boy is looking forward to is not having to watch his rivals continually smashing it past him off the tee.

“I know that I won’t be a long hitter out there but I certainly won’t have guys hitting it 100m past me, which I have been encountering for the last few years out on the main Tour,” he said.

“I guess if you had asked me 10 years ago if I was planning on playing Seniors golf I would have said no.”

“But when I stopped playing in Europe five years ago competing was still something that I thought about.”

“There are a lot of good things about what I am doing. If I didn’t like playing golf I wouldn’t be going back and doing it again.”