PGA Tour delves into Leishman’s mowing obsession

While most of the talk this week has been centred around Marc Leishman’s success with his craft beer “Leishman Lager”, the PGA Tour has released a quirky video on their YouTube channel showing the Victorian’s obsession with his lawn.

The video opens with Leishman hopping on his John Deere ride-on mower before moving onto a smaller machine before giving things a final trim with a pair of scissors.

Leishman says he loves the warmer months when he can mow his lawn nearly every day while he’s not busy out on Tour.

“I just love summer. About the only time I have shoes on in the summer is when I’m either out for dinner or at the golf course so I love getting out, getting my feet on the ground…there’s just something about being connected to the earth in some way.”

“I love it when all the trees start budding and getting leaves and the grass starts turning green and then that means that I’ll be able to get the mower out pretty soon after that and give it a trim.”

Leishman’s wife Audrey outlines the level of his mowing obsession after holidays away with the family, her golfing husband is itching to get back to his lawn.

“We get home from a trip and he will kick off his shoes and be in the backyard mowing the lawn barefoot within ten minutes of us being home,” says Audrey.

“It’s all become kind of a joke with Mark mowing the lawn once a day and the neighbours thinking he’s crazy.”

Marc Leishman Marc Leishman

Leishman enjoys the look and feel of a freshly mown lawn but also says there’s another reason to get outside.

“It gets rid of a lot of stress, me and my sports psychologist talk about it as my sort of therapy. You celebrate good rounds of golf, this is more an ongoing thing as it only looks good for a day or two after you do it.”

While there’s not many of us able to play golf the way Leishman does on Tour, we can all understand the satisfaction of a well-mown lawn….and a frosty beverage afterwards.