Player to pose nude for ESPN magazine

Nine-time major champion Gary Player has long been an advocate of fitness and health.

Now the 77-year-old fitness fanatic is backing that up by putting his body on display in the latest issue of the annual “Body Issue’ of ESPN The Magazine.

Amazingly the little South African, who can still do more sit-ups than your average human being, has agreed to take it all off for the magazine, the fifth successive year this publication has shown sports stars from an array of different sports in all their glory.

Don’t be too horrified though, you won’t see “everything” as the magazine tastefully shows Player and other elite sportsmen and women with hands or shadows or angles so as not to offend too many readers.

For the 2013 edition no less than 21 athletes will discard their guernseys and uniforms for the special issue, due out this week (July 12).

Player is easily the oldest sports person ever to pose in a magazine designed for fans who are curious to see the physiques of those who compete at the highest of levels.

Player, a golfer well past his prime, agreed to appear in the issue to prove that fitness was not only confined to the young.

Incredibly Player, who is one of only a handful of players who have won all four major championships, has played professional golf since 1953 and won his last major, the US Masters, 35 years ago.

Yet he has retained his passion for life and still travels the world competing in seniors’ events and working on his flourishing course design business.