Players have their say on the new, more mellow Tiger

There’s no doubt it was the intensity that he showed both his opponents and a golf course that have made Tiger Woods stand out as something special over the years.

And anyone who watched him win the US Masters this year will know that focus is still there as he stared down Augusta National and went on to win his 15th major championship.

Joe LaCava Joe LaCava enjoys a joke with his boss Tiger Woods (Credit: BMW Sports)

Yet it is a different Tiger that we see on and off the golf course these days.

Some of his opponents would suggest it has been the severe injuries to his body that he has suffered over the years that may have changes his perspective on life.

Two former world No 1s, Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose have both spotted the difference in Tiger these days.

And both suggested he is now showing a ‘softer’ side than most of the world has seen before.

“He’s opened up a lot the last few years,” said McIlroy while the two were competing in Japan last month.

“[I] read a story about him going to the movies on that day off that we had,” said McIlroy.

“And getting stuck in the Domino’s in Narita and all that stuff…and that’s something that he never would have done.”

“I think previously in his career, he didn’t take the camaraderie or the being one of the guys as seriously as he does now as he transitions to this latter part of his career where he’s captaining teams, and he’s being part of Presidents Cups, Ryder Cups and almost like mentoring some of these guys.”

“He’s definitely mellowed as a person, and probably sees the bigger picture a little more than he used to, and that’s a great thing.”

Rose agreed: “It’s been good to see him mellow for sure,” he said.

“I think maybe adversity does that to you.”

“There’s definitely been moments where he’s probably thought that he might not get back to being his very best.”

“And with that probably comes, you know, a whole different mindset.”