Poulter heckled again…another guy out of a job

We’ve seen it 100 times or more.

A heckler, usually an American, makes an absolute goose of himself trying to put a foreign player off his game with some inane comment…usually as he’s just about to hit the ball.

Ian Poulter Ian Poulter (Credit: www.golffile.ie)

Well one heckler found he’d tackled the wrong rooster when he took a potshot at England’s Ian Poulter during the recent Valspar Championship in the US.

Poulter was merely walking to the next tee when a heckler, later named as an assistant athletic director for development at Florida Southern College J.J. Downum, yelled at Poulter: “You’ll hit it in the water”.

Not content with that barb, Downum then told Poulter “you won’t make the Ryder Cup team”.

Poulter was understandably a little shaken by the insults and he approached a police officer standing close by and also spoke with marshals seeking to get the heckler removed from the course.

It didn’t stop there as Downum allegedly then reverted to Twitter so he could brag about the incident.

Florida Southern’s director of athletics Peter Meyer said Downum was now no longer employed at that institution.

Poulter was caught in a similar storm a couple of years back when he clashed with the then PGA of America president Ted Bishop.