Rickie Fowler ties the knot with long-time partner

Ok, so the bride looked gorgeous in white. Nothing new about that…but the groom did wear sneakers – and there were married on a beach – of course.

And even though there was no sign of any ‘Puma orange’ anywhere at the service, you have probably guessed by now that it was one of the world’s most popular golfers, Rickie Fowler, that tied the knot with his partner Allison Stokke and it was on an ‘undisclosed’ beach somewhere, presumably in the US.

Rickie Fowler ties the knot with Allison Stokke Rickie Fowler ties the knot with Allison Stokke (Credit: @rickiefowler)

Fowler also did away with the traditional tie and wore a tee shirt underneath his jacket.

The only reason anyone even knows about the nuptials is that Allison, a pole vaulter and fitness model in the US, finally ‘cracked’ and shared some of the wedding photos on her Instagram account.

The only other thing we can confirm is that wedding planner Marcy Blum, who did weddings for basketball stars LeBronm James and Andrew Iguodala, did the hard yakka for this ceremony too.

No doubt more photos and secrets of the big day will follow.