Scott plays it cool in putting rules controversy

(Dundonald Links, Scotland:) Scott has refused to be drawn into the controversy surrounding fellow Augusta National winning Bernhard Langer along with American Scott McCarron and his use of the long-handled putter.

The Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee ignited a controversy last weekend when he posted a series of tweets criticising the enforcement of the anchoring ban on the Champions Tour, which he deemed “appalling.”

Adam Scott Adam Scott (Credit: PGA Australia)

It led to a social media storm that resulted in Langer and McCarron meeting with USGA officials to respond to the complaints, and after Langer failed in a bid to win a third senior tour Major in a row at the US Senior Open.

Each vehemently denied anchoring the putter and that their putting stroke was not violating the Rules of Golf. The USGA cleared both McCarron and Langer of any rules violations.

Scott used a long-handled or broomstick putter to win the 2013 Masters but then abandoned the club months before an “anchoring” ban came into effect on January 1st, 2016.

“The rules are not being broken on the Senior’s Tour and if I said the guys were breaking the rules then I would be accusing them of cheating and that would be a very serious accusation, and I would be questioning the integrity of Bernhard Langer and Scott McCarron”, said Scott.

“My take on it, and I have recently made comments about the Rules of Golf and the governing bodies of golf and what they are up to.”

“There are too many grey areas in the rules and as that leads into the professional game then I feel there is serious consequences because of high definition television a player’s career and a player’s earnings, all these things are up to interpretation and personal views.”

“That all becomes tricky as not everyone can be monitored during a tournament and a person who is being referring may not have even been there when an incident is alleged to have happened, so it is very difficult for that referee to make a decision.”

“As players we do not need these issues and that is why I say we need to remove some of the grey areas in the rulings.”

“This is why it is difficult to question the integrity of any player. I have seen a lot players out here and I have to say most of them who are my fellow colleagues in the highest regard and would never question them.”