Shark thanks Mother Nature in Today TV appearance

The words modesty and Greg Norman have rarely been seen on the same page and a recent appearance on the Today Show did little to change that.

The former long-time World No.1 was live on air from his Florida home to plug his new $300 million real estate development in the south west of Sydney.

Norman has made it clear in recent years that he is keen to see out his days at home in Australia and it looks like that dream is getting closer to reality.

“I’m definitely heading back Down Under, no question about it. I’ve always wanted to go home. I have been very, very vocal about saying I want to get buried in my home country or my ashes get spread somewhere in my home country so I will be back home for sure,” said Norman.

When asked what he missed about Australia, Norman’s answer was “everything”.

Greg Norman Greg Norman (Credit: QBE Shootout)

“I miss the people, I miss the coffee, I miss the produce, I miss the sounds, I miss the smells. I miss just the openness of what our country has got to offer, and the beauty of it the diversity of it.”

“I have missed being home in Australia. I truly cannot wait to get home.”

It wasn’t long before the attention turned to the nude photo of the two-time major winner taking a “sunset shower” for the final time after selling his Florida home.

“It’s just who I am!” laughed Norman. “Aussies are very outgoing people. I’m a very natural person, as you guys can tell. It is what it is and Mother Nature was pretty good to me.”

Unfortunately for Norman, he was asked by his employer SiriusXM to remove the photo from Instagram due to the risk of the image overshadowing the US Masters coverage, he was paid to commentate on that week for the satellite radio company.

Norman complied but is adamant that the image wasn’t meant to be offensive.

“I love my outlook on life and it really is not offensive, to be honest with you.”

“I look after myself. I enjoy working out.”