Steve Williams: Tales From The Vault

That admiration is still there and even as one of the greatest caddies golf has even seen prepares for a comeback to tournament golf, Steve Williams is still talking about how great Tiger Woods was.

Williams will be carrying Adam Scott’s bag at next week’s US Open as Scott searches for his 2013 Masters-winning form.

Steve Williams with Tiger Woods Steve Williams with Tiger Woods (Credit:

Yet Williams recently opened up about Woods and the amazing rapport they had during his tenure with the former world No 1 and before Woods unceremoniously dumped him.

The big Kiwi looper says Woods’ effort in the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines when he was literally on one leg, was one of the most heroic things he had ever seen in golf.

“His desire to win the Masters and the Open Championship was nothing compared to how he felt about the US Open,” Williams told US Golf Digest.

“Then he broke his leg. When Tiger played nine-hole practice rounds for that U.S. Open, I thought there was no way he could go [on]. The leg was killing him.”

“But he played, collapsing when he got back to the hotel each day.”

“On the course, the sickening click of bones rubbing together as he walked made me queasy.

“The groans and squeaks he made were unreal. It’s the most heroic thing I’ve ever seen in golf.”

Of course Woods went on to beat Rocco Mediate at the first hole of a sudden-death playoff and went on to have knee surgery two days later.

Williams also revealed he had an “epiphany” after Scott won that 2013 US Masters and it occurred as they returned to their rented house shortly after Scott’s win.

He said he knew it was then time to go back to New Zealand to spend more time with his wife and son.

“Who knows what prompts that inner voice?” he said.

“Maybe it was missing my son Jett’s rugby practices back in New Zealand. Even as I worked my last tournaments with Adam in 2014, I knew I was gone.”

Now Williams is back in action after an extended period at home in New Zealand and whether or not he can turn Scott’s fortunes around, only time – and maybe Chambers Bay (site of the US Open) will tell.