The Shark still in the money at 60

Greg Norman has dabbled in just about everything connected with golf during the two-time British Open champion’s star-spangled career.

Everything from turf for the course, designing the course, dressing you immaculately and even feeding you good food and wine after your game of golf has smacked of The Great White Shark at different stages.

Greg Norman Greg Norman (Credit: Anthony Powter)

So it’s hardly surprising that even at the age of 60 and not having played in a serious golf tournament for more than 12 months, Norman is still among the highest-paid Australian athletes when it comes to sponsorships and endorsements.

Recent figures released in the US reveal Norman earned more than $15m ‘off course’ last year.

That placed him well ahead of the earnings of luminaries such as fellow golfer Adam Scott as well as basketball hero Andrew Bogut, both of whom obviously earn much more playing their chosen sports than Norman does these days.

Norman’s current annual income includes a multi-million deal as an analyst with US television channel Fox Sports as well as his own brand of sportwear and an eyewear collection.

His Great White Shark Enterprises also includes a flourishing golf course design business, a joint venture with Treasury Wine Estates, property development, a signature Wagyu beef line, an event management company that promotes several golf tournaments and even a golf GPS business.

Norman’s wealth was estimated at $235m in 2012…and this business-savvy golf professional has only added to that fortune since then, thanks to one of the most astute business brains ever seen in the Australian professional game.