Tiger to release book about historic 1997 Masters win

No question Tiger Woods’ historic 1997 US Masters triumph has gone down as one of the great major championship moments.

Tiger ran rampant that week at Augusta National and broke all sorts of records on his way to becoming the first black player to win a major title.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Now the former world No 1 is putting all his thoughts and anecdotes from that great week on paper by writing a book about his 1997 Masters win.

It will be co-written with prominent Canadian golf writer Lorne Rubenstein and is expected to be released a month before the 20th anniversary of his Masters title, in March, 2017 in hardcover, as an e-book and in audio editions.

“The 1997 Masters was one of the most important tournaments in my life for many reasons,” said Woods.

“I think about the hug with my dad and all the events that went on that week.

“A lot of people know generally about that tournament, but this gives me a chance to tell in detail what happened on and off the golf course.”

Woods also suggested the book will open up about his relationship with his father, Earl and reveal stories that have never been told.

The book will also discuss some of the history of the game and how golf has changed over the past 20 years.