Video: Fowler takes Red Bull aerobatic ride

If you thought Rickie Fowler would be scared of nothing then take a look at this video of the World No. 36 aboard a Red Bull stunt plane.

At the controls of the plane is Red Bull Air Race world champion Kirby Chambliss.

No sooner had the plane’s wheels left the tarmac and Fowler found himself upside down and moments later end over end high above the Arizona desert.

Just check out the 25-year being thrown from side to side, and you can pretty much gather the quick change in direction of the stunt plane as each time Fowler’s mouth is thrown wide up.

Fowler was asked before boarding the plane – “Why is he doing this?”

He responded: “I pretty much grew up around action sports and I would describe this as Formula One in the sky.”.

Then when the plane finally landed Fowler was asked by Chambliss how he liked the ride.

“That was fun”, said Fowler.