Video: Long drive champion takes on Niagara Falls

It’s a 313 metre carry across Niagara Falls so if you happen to be a Long Drive champion it’s certainly an enticing prospect to think about smacking a ball across one of the world’s best known landmarks.

So it comes as no surprise that 2018 Volvik Long Drive Championship, Maurice Allen, did just that.

Allen’s winning drive at the 2018 championships was 359 metres so it should have been a doddle to get one over the US-Canadian border?

Of course Allen isn’t the first to be seduced by the feat either. John Daly lined up for a shot at history back in 2005 and 5000 people came to watch the legendary long driver.

Despite having the length on Tour, the then 39-year-old couldn’t get the job done.

He did however, succeed back in 1990, when he cleared the Grand Canyon with a shot of 283 metres using a 1-iron.