Will Charlie Woods follow in his father’s footsteps?

It can be tough on the next generation of any successful sports men and women but when your father is arguably the greatest ever in their chosen field, the pressure is just that little bit higher.

Woods was interviewed recently for GolfTV, who he partnered with in 2018, and the 15-time major champion revealed that his son Charlie has been showing more of an interest in following in his father’s footsteps one day.

Charlie Woods Charlie Woods (Credit: PGA Tour)

“My son and I have been playing a lot of golf together so it’s been quite fun,” said Woods about his time off from the PGA Tour.

“I’m still winning…for now, but he’s starting to get into it and starting to learn how to play and asking the right questions.”

“It’s been an absolute blast to be out there with him. It reminds me so much of me and my Dad growing up.”

Woods was asked how Charlie’s game compares to his?

“I wish I had his move,” smiled Woods.

“I analyse his swing all the time. I wish I could rotate like that, and turn my head like that but those days are long gone.”

While his son is just 11-years-old, the obvious question was asked about his future in the game?

“I don’t know. It depends how bad he wants it. It’s all on him. I wanted it at a very, very early age. I wanted to compete and play in this game. That’s on him and whether he wants it or not.”