Williams, Woods yet to ‘bury the hatchet’

Would Tiger Woods be favourite for next month’s US Masters if he still had Steve Williams carrying his bag?

The answer is? Probably.

Steve Willams and Adam Scott Steve Williams with his new boss, Adam Scott (Credit: Anthony Powter)

In fact Woods may still be favoured to win his fifth Masters title, even though it will be Joe LaCava saddled with the prospect of getting Woods across the line.

Because there’s no way it will be Williams after the big Kiwi last week revealed he and Woods still hadn’t buried the hatchet following their much-publicised split in 2011.

Now well ensconced as the caddy for world number two Adam Scott, Williams revealed he and Woods still had issues which needed to be sorted.

“I haven’t sorted anything out with him,” Williams said in a television interview.

“There’s been a lot of this, that and the other, but the hatchet hasn’t been buried. It’s just personal things and a difference of opinions on how things went down.”

“And I [still] need to sort that out with him.”

Rated by many golf experts as the world’s number one caddy, Williams caddied for Woods for 13 years before being dismissed in July, 2011.

That sparked a public ‘spat’ between the pair as they traded insults.

Yet this was a partnership that endured for an incredible 250 tournaments, producing 72 wins, 13 major championship successes and a friendship so strong that each attended the other man’s wedding.

And the ever-loyal Williams maintained he “no idea” about Woods’ extramarital affairs, which came to light in 2009.

And while Woods has not won a major since the 2008 US Open, Williams has suggested Tiger no longer carries the fear factor into events.

“Guys are coming along…and they expect to win (because Tiger) has no intimidation factor any more,” said Williams.

“I always felt that was a big thing, that guys were intimidated by him.”

“There’s no intimidation factor anymore…and that counts for a lot.”