Woods advised by doctors to restrict activities

Riviera Golf Club, Pacific Palasides: Tiger Woods has been advised by doctors to ‘limit activities’ in not travelling across the US continent to lend his support as tournament host at this week’s Genesis Open in suburban north Los Angeles.

Woods was expected to host a Wednesday press conference on the eve of the $US 7.2m tournament benefiting his Tiger Woods Foundation and taking place on the famed Riviera course.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: Anthony Powter)

However, after suffering back spasms in Dubai and in continuing to undergo treatment upon his return home for further spasms in his lower back, doctors to the 14-time Major Champion have advised him not to travel across the US continent.

Woods raised plenty of eyebrows in electing to put himself through a 17-hour flight from San Diego to Dubai and then the 19-hour return leg to Florida.

It’s little wonder then, and despite the benefit of a private jet, Woods has heeded doctor’s advice by electing not to undertake what would be, with the three-hour time difference, a round trip from Florida to LAX of some 11-hours.

Woods was aged just 16 years when he made his PGA Tour in 1992 at Riviera and after turning pro in 1996 he competed at Riviera on eight occasions but it’s one title that has always eluded him.

Woods has also pulled out next week’s Honda Classic at Palm Beach Gardens, which is just a 20-minute drive from his Jupiter Island abode.

It all continues a mystery when the current World No. 693rd ranking Woods will return to full competition.

World No. 1 Jason Day expressed disappointment his now close friend continues to be side-lined and declaring his hope the Queenslander can get to 40 years of age without going ‘under the knife’,

“It’s hard and I just don’t know as I’ve never had surgeries on my back before,” said Day.

“I’ve had back problems, but I don’t know what the feeling is coming back from a back surgery let alone three back surgeries and then flying across to Dubai, whatever that was, 20 hours or so from San Diego, and then having to fly back here.”

“But then it’s a double‑edged sword for Tiger because he has to come out and play and play tournament golf, but you have to watch also your back and make sure that’s healthy because you have to play golf to get tournament ready and get the competitive rounds under your belt and get those juices flowing again, but also in the same regard you have to be wary of is your back 100 percent.”

And while Day has faced his own injury concerns the 29-year old Aussie is confident he won’t have to go under the knife as has been the scenario for Woods so often in recent years.

“I’ve been playing plagued by some injuries in my career, but I feel like I’ve taken the correct steps to hopefully get rid of those injuries in the future,” Day added.

“But then an injury can pop up at any time, but the good thing about myself right now is that I haven’t gone under the knife.”

“Once you go under the knife, you can’t take that back. You’ve been cut up and they’ve done stuff to you. So hopefully I can stay healthy and get to 40.”