Woods’ caddy reveals legends wait for no-one

Legends, it seems, wait for no-one…and you can put Tiger Woods at the top of that tree, especially when it comes to eating dinner.

Granted the former World No 1 is a more laid-back character these days.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

Yet his caddie for the past seven years, Joe LaCava recently recalled a dinner invitation from Woods that taught him a lesson: never keep a Tiger waiting.

LaCava was relaying the story of when he first went to dinner with his good friend.

“The first time I went out to dinner with him, he says ‘all right, let’s meet here at 5:30’,” said LaCava in a podcast with a US golf publication.

“So I show up at 5:30; I go to the restaurant and they say ‘who are you here with?’ and I say ‘I’m here with Tiger,’ and they say he’s in the back, no problem.”

“So I go in the back, it’s 5:30, he has now already eaten his salad.”

“He’s already waiting for his steak to be delivered. We’re talking, and he really doesn’t even look up, he’s just eating.”

“[He] really doesn’t even kind of look at me, but we’re talking.”

“And so he literally ate his steak before I got my salad, and he finished his meal before I finished my salad…and he got up and left.”

“It wasn’t in a bad way, but I found out 5:30 for him means like 5:15, which I found out later. And if you’re not there, he’s just going to order.”

“He doesn’t even look at the menu…he wants the porterhouse, medium well, and he wants a salad and that’s it.”

So like it or lump it…when a 14-time major champion asks you to dinner – be early – or you may go hungry!