Woods hints he may never play tournament golf again

Considering he has been playing in golf tournaments for something like 38 years, it’s pretty hard to imagine golf without Tiger Woods.

And although he is currently out of the game following his fourth back surgery, that perennial question still goes around at every golf club in the country: ‘Do you think Tiger will win another major?’

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: Dubai Desert Classic)

With the Presidents Cup now done and dusted for another two years we can reveal that there is a chance, probably only a slim one, that Tiger won’t even return to the game he loves.

Just a chance, mind you, but the Presidents Cup assistant captain found himself in the spotlight and the world’s media weren’t about to let that opportunity slip when the eight Cup assistant captains sat down for a joint press conference.

Of the 16 inquiries, 11 of them were posed at Tiger and one of the five to the others was merely about Tiger.

Yet the 42-year-old admitted he wasn’t sure just what the future holds for his return to the game.

The former long-serving world No 1 was asked if he could picture a scenario where he might not come back to competitive golf.

“Yeah, definitely,” Woods said. “I don’t know what my future holds for me.”

“As I’ve told you guys, I’m hitting 60-yard shots.”

Woods even joked about those shots he had been practising.

“I’m hitting it really straight,” he grinned.

Woods also said there were times when he was feeling ‘really great’.

“The pain’s gone…and I’m very optimistic,” he said.

So a comeback is on the cards?

“You know, I’ve been competing in golf tournaments since I was, what, four-years-old…from pitch, putt and drive to playing major championships, it’s always been fun to me.”

Certainly he looked like someone with a hankering to hit shots himself during the Presidents Cup.

He occasionally was spotted grabbing clubs out of different players’ bags and taking little half swings.

“I’ve been out of the game for a while,” he said.

“First thing’s first: Get my health organised. Make sure the pain goes away. “Then, basically, just keep waiting for what my surgeon says.”

“I’m still training. I’m getting stronger.”