Woods says running destroyed his body, knees

15-time major champion Tiger Woods recently appeared on GolfTV to answer a few questions from fans.

He was asked about whether he will play on the Champions Tour and what was the greatest shot he has ever seen (he answered with one of his own) before being asked.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods (Credit: PGA Tour)

“If you had one thing you could go back in time and tell your younger self, what would it be?”

His answer wasn’t what you might expect. Was it the many gruelling hours on the range pounding golf balls, the breakdown of his marriage, the DUI, the many swing and coach changes?

No, the answer is running.

“Yeah, not to run so much. Running over 30 miles a week for probably my first five or six years on Tour pretty much destroyed my body and my knees,” said Woods.

Woods’ laundry list of injuries including ongoing issues with his back and knees along with his later Achilles problems.

Along the way he has undergone surgery on his back four times and an incredible five on his left knee.

He finished the Q&A off with his favourite way to start his day – “That’s easy – steak and eggs”