World No.1 dares Tour to put him on the clock

World No 1 Brooks Koepka has almost dared officials to put him on the clock when he plays in a tournament…and to penalise him if he is taking too long – ever.

Simply because the four-time major champion is “over” players taking too long to play their shots.

Brooks Koepka Brooks Koepka (Credit: PGA Tour)

And another former world No 1, Rory McIlroy agrees with him:

“For me, I think the guys that are slow are the guys that get too many chances before they are penalised,” McIlroy said.

“So, it should be a warning and then a shot.”

“It should be, you’re put on the clock and that is your warning, and then if you get a bad time while on the clock, it’s a shot. That will stamp it out right away,” says McIlroy.

Golf fans around the world witnessed some of Koepka’s frustrations at the Open Championship at Royal Portrush when he was paired with J.B. Holmes in the final round.

Holmes appeared to take forever to prepare himself for every shot – and it made little difference as the American shot an 87 to plummet from second to well down the field.

“I get that you can take a long time for your thought process, but once you’re done thinking about it, just go,” said Koepka.

“What else is there to do? That’s been the problem I have.”

“It’s just gotten out of hand. It seems now that there are so many sports psychologists and everybody telling everybody that they can’t hit it until they are ready, that you have to fully process everything.”

“I mean, I take 15 seconds and go, and I’ve done all right.”

Koepka suggested officials appeared hesitant to enforce pace-of-play regulations.

“Try to get put on the clock, but that doesn’t seem to work because nobody will penalise anybody,” he said.

“And you know what, even if I take over 40 seconds, penalise me.”

“I’ll be the guinea pig…it doesn’t matter. It needs to happen.”