World No.1 Day eyes retirement at 40

Being the best and staying at the top of the tree takes a true champion. So too, does knowing when you’ve had enough and it’s the time to give it all away.

And Australia’s world No 1 Jason Day has marked down 40 as the age that all that might happen.

Jason Day Jason Day (Credit:

At least that’s when the hard-working Queenslander intends to take stock of where he’s at and whether or not it’s worth pressing on.

“When I get to 40, I would like to see where I’m at in my career because I might want to go, ‘You know what, I’m done, I’m just happy with everything’,” said Day at the media day to launch this year’s US PGA Championship, where he is defending champion.

“[Then] I’ll go off my merry way and I’ll probably never pick up a golf club ever again.”

While Day was deadly serious when he suggested that, there was also a proviso.

“It also depends on if Dash (Day’s son) is playing, if Lucy (his daughter) is playing, if I’m still competitive and my body’s great.”

“It also depends on what I’m doing with my body and with my golf game, I’m trying to extend the longevity of my career.”

Day said he would call time on his career when he reached the stage of not wanting to improve any more.

“It’s over when you’re done improving yourself on and off the golf course,” he said.

“That’s probably the biggest thing, because winning is taken care of by the process that you put into your game…the small victories that you have along the way, with regards to practicing that extra hour when you didn’t really want to, or being out there practicing when you didn’t want to practice that day or going to the gym when you felt like, ‘You know what, I’ll just take a day off and go tomorrow’”.

“They’re the small victories you have, and that’s the process that goes into – they’re the pieces of the puzzle that you slowly etch together to make the big masterpiece, which is the winning formula.”