World No.1 Spieth banks $1,979 per shot in 2015

Double Major winning Jordan Spieth reportedly earned $1,979 for every stroke he played this past season.

It contributed to the current World No. 1 Texan-born earning some US$12.03 million in prizemoney during 2015 and places the very affable American eighth overall in golf history.

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth holds the FedEx Cup and Tour Championship trophies to add to his two major titles in 2015 (Credit: Getty Images)

During 2015, Spieth won two Majors and three other victories and played 88 rounds (6,080 strokes) on this year’s PGA Tour.

Former long-time World No. 1 Tiger Woods continues to be ranked the highest single-season earner having banked $3.35m in 2006. Woods’ single stroke earned $3,037 dollars in 2007 and $2,757 in 2009.

“Woods was the world’s top golfer for over 10 years, earning a lot of prize money. He also had fewer rounds per year in comparison with Spieth who plays 60 to 70 rounds a year.”

“That is why Woods’ stroke earned more than Spieth’s,” analysed.