Captain Stricker wants Tiger for Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods is yet to be officially involved in this year’s rescheduled Ryder Cup but it’s not stopped him being ‘totally vested’ in the lead-up to September’s showdown according to USA captain, Steve Stricker.

With just four months to the start of competition along with Lake Michigan shoreline, Stricker says Woods has been involved in almost every part of the pre-competition arrangements despite being still on crutches since his near fatal car crash earlier this year.

Tiger Woods talks with Steve Stricker Tiger Woods talks with Steve Stricker (Credit: PGA Tour)

Stricker’s insight comes with Woods probably certain to find his way to Wisconsin, in some form or another, in September that will clearly be a huge motivational lift for the Americans.

“I’ve talked to Tiger and I don’t know if we are there yet to commit to him being there but he’s still got a lot going on and his spirits are great, though, as of late and we just — we were on a Zoom call with him just this last week and he seems like he’s in a better place”, said Stricker.

“Like I said, though, he’s still got some ways to go but yeah, I’d love to have him there. Who wouldn’t, right?

“The guys really respect him and he did a great job obviously as a captain but he was an assistant captain of mine in 2017 of the Presidents Cup and he was unbelievable.”

“He would do anything for you and he’s totally, totally vested in the situation and the process and almost to the point of he’s on it early and so much, it’s like, dude, we’ve still got months to go yet.”

“He’s really good at being interested and being an assistant and I’d love to have him be there if it’s at all possible.”

Stricker’s first appointment as a vice-captain was Jim Furyk while in May last year, he then added Davis Love III and Zach Johnson.

Woods was named a vice-captain under Furyk for the 2018 Ryder Cup and a year later greatly impressed with his captaincy skills heading his victorious 2019 USA Presidents Cup team at Royal Melbourne in Australia.

Though Woods, as mentioned above, is yet to be officially named as an assistant for Stricker.

And it was asked of Stricker, if in speaking with Woods that he would learn much in talking with the 15-time major champion.

“Sure. To that point, I don’t know if I can be there or not but you know I’m here for you all the way up to The Ryder Cup,” said Stricker.

“That shows his level of commitment to me to the team and his desire to be there if he can be.”

And Stricker was definitely in a bubbly mood speaking of Woods, and a former long-time partner in Ryder Cup competition, as evident when asked:

“So, what was the purpose of the Zoom call to Tiger?”

Stricker replied smiling: “I can’t tell you. No, it’s all little stuff at this point, really, it is.

“I just I don’t even remember what the call was about. Actually, it wasn’t even about The Ryder Cup. It was actually about something else to tell you the truth, to be quite honest, it was.”