Day splits with long-time caddie Col Swatton

In what seems to be a long line of high-profile breakups this season, reports are coming out of the US that long-time caddie Col Swatton will not be on the bag for Jason Day at this week’s BMW Championship in Chicago.

The World No.9, who sits at No.28 on the FedExCup ladder, will instead be using former Hills Golf Academy roommate, Luke Reardon, at least for this week but it is unclear at this stage as to what Day’s long-term plans are.

Jason Day and Col Swatton Jason Day and Col Swatton (Credit: Anthony Powter)

“I never wanted it to turn into a toxic relationship where he’s taken me from where I am as a 12-year-old kid to where I am today and I’m not talking to him anymore,” Day said.

“I was worried if I kept it going it was going to head that way and I love him too much to have him not in my life because of how special he is to me.”

“Nothing between what he did on the golf course forced this. He was one of the hardest working caddies out there that I believed in. He was always thorough and on top of everything, every information that he processed across to me as a player.”

“He’s my coach and always will be. I love him so much,” Day continued.

South Australia’s David Lutterus will take on the bag duties for Day at the Presidents Cup.

Despite the breakup, Day hasn’t ruled out re-hiring Swatton on the bag at some point in the future.

Swatton will remain Day’s swing coach as he has been since taking up the role when Day was just 12-years-old.

“Of course I’m disappointed to no longer be on his bag but I am so proud of what we have accomplished together so far,” Swatton said.

“To be able to go on the journey with him from struggling child to the best player in the world is something I’ll always cherish.”

“And I look forward to our continued success as player and coach for years to come.”