DeChambeau berates cameraman for doing his job

We’re used to some level of petulance from Bryson DeChambeau but with all that is going on at the moment in the world it seems this incident from the third round of the Rocket Mortgage Classic has really struck a chord with many over the weekend.

The 26-year-old took exception to being filmed for “too long” on the 7th hole after he took out his frustrations in the bunker following a poor shot out of the sand. He went on par the hole and win the tournament by three shots from Matthew Wolff.

Bryson DeChambeau Bryson DeChambeau (Credit: PGA Tour)

“He was literally watching me the whole entire way up after getting out of the bunker, walking up next to the green. And I just was like, ‘Sir, what is the need to watch me that long?’”

“I mean, I understand it’s his job to video me, but at the same point, I think we need to start protecting our players out here compared to showing a potential vulnerability and hurting someone’s image. I just don’t think that’s necessarily the right thing to do,” said DeChambeau after his round.

“For that to damage our brand like that, that’s not cool in the way we act because if you actually meet me in person, I’m not too bad of a dude, I don’t think.”

It’s certainly an interesting observation from someone who has earned over $18 million in his short PGA Tour career…and that doesn’t include what he earns off the course from his Rolodex of sponsors including the likes of Cobra Puma Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Bentley, Bose and Rolex amongst many others.

DeChambeau seems to forget that the prize money and sponsorship deals are only available to players because of the enormous amount of cash generated by world-wide TV rights. No TV coverage, equals no sponsors, which equals no multi-million tournament purses – it’s that simple.

If he wants to avoid the spotlight he can choose to a) control the tantrums and/or b) go and play the Challenge Tour.

As Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch so eloquently put it:

“It’s one of life’s more reliable axioms that if a man has to tell you he’s a good dude, there’s a fair chance he is actually an insufferable gobshite.”