DeChambeau goes from mad scientist to The Hulk

You could be forgiven for not recognising the hulking mass that was dubbed ‘The Scientist’ by the golfing media.

Following the addition of 20 pounds (9kg) of muscle over the PGA Tour hiatus, Bryson DeChambeau now resembles more an NFL player than a golfer…and he isn’t finished yet.

Bryson DeChambeau Bryson DeChambeau (Credit: PGA Tour)

The World No. 12, who is well known for his equipment tinkering, now appears to be focussed more on tweaking his pecs than his putting.

“I’ve upped [by] about 20 pounds. It doesn’t mean I’m going to hit it farther, but I’ve done a lot of speed training to attain these new ball speeds,” said DeChambeau, who leads the Tour’s driving distance stats.

“When I was out here I was attaining ball speeds of 193, 195 [mph] on certain holes, and quite honestly I can’t use it [his extra driving power] out here. There’s only a couple holes I can use it, No. 11 and No. 1 and No. 2 really.”

“My ultimate goal is to get as strong as I can, applying some force and speed to the swing to see what it can handle,” added DeChambeau.

And the result of all this work on his body? Well he very nearly won Sunday’s Charles Schwab Challenge, finishing in equal second place one shot outside of the playoff, with a bogey at the 17th hole proving very costly.

That makes it five top-10 finishes this season including a 2nd, T3, 4th and T5 result in his past four tournaments.

Dr. Banner would be impressed.