Elk raises concerns about Scott’s putter changes

Former US PGA champion Steve Elkington is a massive Adam Scott fan.

But the ‘Elk’, once regarded as being the sweetest swinger in golf, is worried Scott may be going down the wrong path by reverting to his long putter for this week’s US Masters.

Adam Scott Adam Scott (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Elkington, who won the PGA in 1995 at Riviera Country Club, is concerned there might be an “asterisk” next to Scott’s name when people study major championship wins in the future, because he won it wielding a long putter, one which will be deemed illegal from January 1, 2016.

His fellow Aussie says the best way Scott can erase any doubts about his major championship-winning ability would be to win another major, this time using a short putter.

“If Adam putts badly (in the future) and doesn’t contend again, yes it was legal, but I would ask myself ‘could I do it without the anchor’?” Elkington said.

“I love Adam and I want him to win.

“But he has always been linked with good hitting and average putting.

“No doubt the long putter helped make him elite and his Masters win might have an asterisk if he can’t stay elite.

“But I hope that doesn’t occur.”

There’s no double Scott’s performance in majors improved markedly when he switched to the long putter.

Certainly Elkington would have noticed that, along with everyone else.

In his first 39 majors Scott recorded five top-15 finishes and missed 14 cuts.

Since going to a long putter he can anchor to his chest, Scott has notched 13 top 15s in the past 16 majors and missed just one half-way cut.

“There will be a historic window of debate while the rule came into effect but he can erase all that by winning with a short putter…and I hope he does,” Elkington said.

“I feel for him but I think he can do it.”