Finchem gives 2015 PGA Tour season a 5-star rating

He might not appear that way, but the US PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem is excited. The long-serving golf supremo feels the US Tour has just experienced one of it’s best-ever years.

And Finchem last week took time out to praise what he described as a “continuing waterfall” of talent that was cascading through our golf ranks at the moment.

Tim Finchem Tim Finchem (Credit: Getty Images)

“I think it starts with one of the key fundamentals, which is the continued arrival on the scene of smart, attractive, technically good players who are ready to compete, ready to win, and actually ready to contribute to the bigger purpose of the PGA Tour,” said Finchem in a specially-convened press conference to sum up the year.

“And that [goal] is to reach people, help grow the game, help grow money for charity.”

Finchem said that this year and over the past two years about 50 per cent of all the tournaments played had been won by players in their 20s.

“So competitively they’re outstanding players in their early 20s that have moved forward to the top of the ranks,” he said.

“When you think about Jordan [Spieth] and Rickie [Fowler] and Rory [McIlroy] and Jason [Day] are followed right behind by players like Streb and Reed and Lee and Koepka.”

“Ernie Els made, I thought, a salient comment when he talked about that phenomenon, and he compared this generation of players with the past.”

“And he argued that this generation will blow past his generation and the following generation because of their unique skill set that they have developed from a young age in watching telecasts, paying attention online, really studying not just how you play the game, and not just how you learn to win, but how the game can work for you in developing yourself as an individual and work for you in your interests in helping other people.”

“And that is certainly what we’re seeing with young players today.”

Finchem said all that action had led us to a point:

“I can categorically say that we have never been more excited about the future because of the youth movement and the quality of youth that we are excited about right now,” he said.

He also pointed out that there had been an amazing 1.2 million golf shots played for the season leading into last weekend’s Tour Championship.

And more than 160 million Americans tuned in at some point in time to the PGA Tour. Not to mention the rest of the world.

Overall Finchem gave the year an ‘A Plus, a five-star rating’…and that’s good golfing in anyone’s books.