Ladies Masters winner to receive LPGA invite

The addition of Swinging Skirts as a sponsor for the 2016 RACV Ladies Masters at Royal Pines is already having a positive effect on golf in this country.

The Taiwan-based Swinging Skirts, a private non-profit group of amateur golfers, have been making steady inroads on the US women’s Tour.

Su Oh Winner of the 2015 RACV Ladies Masters – Su Oh (Credit: ALPG Tour)

Now they have announced that the winner of the Australian event will receive an invitation to play in the 2016 Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic, which will be played in San Francisco from April 21-24, 2016.

The 60 team members of Swinging Skirts are known for wearing colourful skirts or kilts on the course, and that alone should ensure many of the field get into the spirit of the occasion when the Australian event is played.

The Swinging Skirts motto is to promote its countrywomen and boost the women’s game globally.

Their recent entry into the Australian market can only help them to that goal.

ALPG executive director Karen Lunn feels that this announcement is a great boost to the 2016 ALPG Tour and in particular the RACV Ladies Masters.

“We have to thank the Swinging Skirts Golf Foundation for offering this invitation to our 2016 RACV Ladies Masters winner,” said Lunn.

“This will provide our champion with an amazing opportunity to compete in an LPGA Tour event against the best players in the world, playing for a purse of US$2m.

“I’m sure that news of this generous gesture by the Swinging Skirts Golf Foundation will ensure that the RACV Ladies Masters attracts the best field possible.”