Luke Elvy: The Magic of The Masters

What makes The Masters magic for you? Is it the stunning beauty of Augusta National; the way the tournament almost always lights up on the back 9 on Sunday; or is it the musical ballad, which combines perfectly with dulcet tones of Jim Nantz?

It’s all those things and much more, which is why it’s recognised as not just the best golf event, but also one of the greatest in all of sports.

Augusta National Augusta National

However, there’s something even more magical about The Masters, which only hits you once you step foot inside the hallowed grounds.

This year will be my third Masters; the first was in 2010 when I covered Tiger Woods’ comeback for Fox Sports.

That week changed my life as Network TEN hired me to be their front man for Golf – a role, which has brought many great opportunities in the game since.

Like you, I sat at home every April from about the age of 7 watching the TV, transfixed by the wonder of the years first major.

The colour popped out of the screen, its magnificence only matched by the spectacular play by those brilliant enough to slip on the Green Jacket.

Television has come along way since the 80’s, and many sporting events are simply better enjoyed from the comfort of home. But not this one, The Masters and its home Augusta National, is even better in real life.

I tell those who care to listen, attending The Masters is like turning left when you board an aeroplane – once you do it you are spoilt for life.

It’s the once in a lifetime trip you’ll want to do every year after that.

From the moment you enter the property you are mesmerised by its beauty, there is literally not a blade of grass out of place. It’s as though they hired angels as their greens keepers.

The steepness of the course is also hard to fathom and is usually the main observation first-timers make.

It’s only when you stand in front of the clubhouse and look down over the vast valley, that you get the full appreciation why Bobby Jones instantly fell in love with the place.

It’s the old fashion manners, which everyone automatically abides by and takes you back to a time when people had respect. It’s the famous roars that bounce off the pines when another Masters moment is made.

It’s the rubbing of shoulders with greats of the game, both past and present and why it’s considered the Oscars for golf

It’s the genuine 1972 prices in the concessions stands – believe it or not, you get plenty of change from $20.

Perhaps it’s the magnitude of the merchandising centre, where patrons flock to it like the Christmas Sales – yearning for many items with that famous logo.

Maybe it’s the Par 3 Contest where the players celebrate all that is good about the game… family, fun and a little competition. Or the ceremonial tee off with Arnie, Gary and Jack.

The beauty of The Masters is not just one thing, it’s everything combined. There is simply no place like Augusta National.

If you haven’t done so yet, I urge you to make the pilgrimage to golf’s Heaven on Earth, before that metaphorical bucket is kicked.

Luke will be broadcasting this years’ Masters Tournament for CBS. You can watch his work on – Featured Group 2.

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