Mickelson comes out on top at LPGA Skills Challenge

Not that he wanted to brag but Phil Mickelson certainly could have – if he so desired – after outscoring three of the best women golfers in the world in a short-game skills challenge.

It was all part of the build-up to last weekend’s women’s major championship at Olympia Fields with Mickelson more than happy to do his bit to promote the event.

He was even seen handing out passes to the event to people around Chicago.

And ‘Lefty’ also professed to have a lot of interest in the women’s game and being more than a little intimidated in taking on some of the best of them in the skills challenge.

“I’m a little nervous about playing them,” he said.

“Brooke [Henderson] just won two weeks ago, Stacy Lewis has an incredible short game and Lydia Ko’s been the No. 1 golfer on the LPGA Tour for most of the last couple of years, so yes, I’m a little intimidated.”

Mickelson said he didn’t feel like putting any money up to make the contest a little more interesting…something the four-time major champion is well-known for doing when he takes on his fellow tour pros in practice rounds.

“I’m a little nervous, so I don’t know how much I’m willing to put at risk,” he said.

“But I am excited about the opportunity to see them in person, to see their games, and to take them on.”

It turned out Mickelson had nothing to worry about against the talented trio as his short game – as it has done throughout his career – again got him out of trouble with some superlative displays – all of it shown live on Facebook.

The contest had the four players breaking a glass ceiling in a chipping contest, hitting flop shots over an eight-foot wall as well as attempting to smash panes of glass suspended 20-feet in the air.

Mickelson scored the most points overall and later had nothing but praise for the women’s tour.

“The LPGA product right now is really a strong product,” he said.

“They’ve got a great number of good, young, talented athletes and players, and this is a great opportunity to come see them play on a world-class championship course in Olympia Fields.”