Mickelson offers advice to the likes of Day, McIlroy

Scottsdale, AZ: Phil Mickelson used his press conference at the Waste Management Phoenix Open (his 28th appearance) to send a longevity reminder to the likes of World No. 1 Jason Day and the injured World No. 2 Rory McIlroy.

Day has battled with back injury in recent years while McIlroy is side-lined to a date unknown after suffering a stress fracture in his rib due to ‘excessive’ off-season testing of his new equipment.

Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson

In contrast, Mickelson has enjoyed a career relatively free of injury and this despite undergoing two hernia operations since being a member of the victorious USA Ryder Cup team.

And this was his advice to his much younger colleagues.

“There are two things that has allowed me to elongate my career, if you will,” he said.

“One is I give a lot of credit to Sean Cochran and him staying up on new techniques, working with Dave Phillips and Greg Rose and guys at TPI on having our workouts be designed to be built around golf and elongating careers, so building the stabilizing muscles rather than building up just the big muscles.

“So the support around my knees, around my spine, around my shoulders, all the areas that first commonly get injured, are much stronger.

“Those small muscles are much stronger. Since we have been together now 14 years, that was our goal, to use working out as a way to elongate my career.

“Secondly, the swing I have does not put a lot of pressure on my low back and spine and whatnot. It was built more around the books of Ernest Jones way back in the day, Bobby Jones, swinging the club, watching Sam Snead swing it, and using the leverage and motion to create speed rather than a violent, brutal force while isolating a couple of joints.

“If you isolate any joint, knee or the hip, then you will increase the pressure on other parts of your body.

“And so all areas of my body kind of move together with the golf swing so it doesn’t focus extra amount of pressure on one area.